Certified NLP Practitioner Workshop

Learn the tools for NLP for personal and interpersonal
effectiveness in 4 days power packed training session

Internationally recognized NFNLP Certification
NLP is the abbreviation for Neuro Linguistic Program
NLP works with your whole mind and brings the best of your mind power
NLP is well appreciated by business leaders, sports professionals and exceptionally
talented outstanding achievers
Would you like to join the millions of excellent professionals who keep out beating
their own performance year after year?
Enrol for NLP Practitioner Course to gain these benefits
 Be personally effective
 Control your thinking
 Be automatically positive
 Be focused on your goal/mission
 Be naturally relaxed & smiling
 Be fit & trim with disciplined routine
 Be interpersonally effective
 Understand others thinking process
 Be automatically friendly & influential
 Be at ease even with difficult people
 Be focused on your purpose in meeting
 Be naturally relaxed & smiling with others
 Create the impression of a leader
 Build credibility & trust
 Understand & manage change easily
 Change behavior quickly
 Select & charge your goals to easily achieve
 Convert difficulties as opportunities for growth
 Learn to speak like leaders
 Influence people through words

What will you learn?

Get to know the truth behind reality.
Learning to operate your thinking
Creating new ‘neural pathways’
Anchoring for peak performance
Circle of Excellence to create your zone of excellence
V A K Parts integration – to manage inner conflict
V A K Pattern break – to instantly snap out of negatives
Eye Accessing Cue – to read others mind
Rapport building – develop instant rapport even with strangers
Perceptual position – for negotiation and conflict management
Meta-program – to know others motivational direction
Reframing – to convert difficulty as opportunity
Well-formed outcome – a goal getting model of NLP
Precision questions- to seek more information during coaching conversation

Internationally Recognized Certification:

Attend 4 days and get certified as NLP Practitioner conforming to the guidelines

Train with the Master
V Ranganathan is a NLP specialist and Professionally Certified Coach from
International Coach Federation in Lexington, Kentucky, United States
V Ranganthan has a vast experience in training coaching more than 2000
professionals across industries