What is Jira?

Jira is a Java based web tool used for Agile project management and tracking the Product Backlog, Issues, Bugs and the product planning and release management in a single tool.

The objective of the training is to provide the participants with the knowledge of using Jira for effective project management, Visualizing Metrics, Managing Releases, Dashboard Creation

The program is instructor led classroom or Online remote session with high interactive and hands-on mode in the live lab environment to make you feel sophisticated with Creating Scrum and Kanban Projects, Manage Projects Efficiently, Validating Metrics, Large Planning, Link with Confluence

At the end of the training the participants will be able to:

Understanding of the Jira Packages
Creating, Modifying, Linking issues
Progressing through the workflows
Perform Searches with JQL and Save Filters
Managing and Customize Screens
Bulk Modifying Issues
Managing a Jira Software Project
Product Backlog Management
Understanding the Workflows and Permission Schemes
Generate Reports and Create System Dashboards
Product Roadmap Creation
Investment Bucket based Planning
Managing Releases

Format of the course:

Live Jira Tracking for projects in the lab environment
Interactive Sessions and Hands-on Training
Exercises and Thought-provoking industrial practices

Jira User:

Jira Project
Jira Functional Architecture
Issue Types in the Project
Project Roles
Issues Management
Creating the Issue
Modifying Issues
Cloning Issues
Linking Issues
Issue Hierarchy
Bulk Modifying Issue
Workflow and Lifecycle
Progressing on a Kanban Board
Progressing on the Scrum Board
Java Query Language (JQL)
Introduction to JQL
Basic Search Operations
Creating the JQL filter
Saving a Filter
Filter Permissions
Managing Sprints
Create Sprints
Closing Sprints
Team level Metrics
Created vs Resolved Issues
Mean Time to Resolve

Jira Agile Project Management:

Jira Project Permissions
Jira Project Administration
Granting access to users
Components Management
Custom Fields and Mandatory fields
Issues Management
Issue Schemes
Issue Types
Priority Settings
Jira Workflow Management
View the Workflow
Configure Workflows for the project
Product Backlog Management
Kanban Boards
Swim lanes

Team Backlog Management
Multiple Team/s level Backlog Management
Getting ready for Large Planning
Kanban Boards and Customization
Tracking and Metrics
WIP Limits
Scrum Boards
Sprint Simulation
Create Sprint
Closing Sprint
Jira Portfolio
Product Roadmap Visualization
Handling multiple teams and releases
PI/Large Planning with Jira
Investment Bucketing ad Themes
Cross-Projects Tracking
Filter for Cross projects tracking
Saving filter with permissions
Dependencies across Teams and Projects
Lead and Cycle Time
Created vs Resolved
Custom Reporting using EazyBI
Release Management
Creating Releases
Manage Releases with Projects
Managing Spaces
Creation of Pages
Features of Confluence
Templates of Confluence
Link Confluence and Jira
Confluence as Backlog Management tool
System Dashboard
Sprint Health
Metrics on Demand


Jira Agile Project Manager – Course Completion Certificate
Handbooks (Softcopy)