This is a 48 hours Weekend Session through Online / Physical classes in Chennai. 3 Hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday

Team Discussion – Understand the needs, their strengths and limitations, where they lacked knowledge,
opportunity win/loss/discussed/what kind of projects clients are involved in.
All About Data
Data Storage / Sourcing / Sampling Techniques
Introduction to Data and Statistics / Technologies in play Data Cleanup and Transformation
CRISP-DM Methodology Basic Statistics – Mean, Median, Mode, Variance, SD
Typical pitfalls to avoid or manage when delivering analytics projects
Introduction to Python
Data Exploration with Python
Introduction to Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
Regression Analysis
Classification Techniques – When and where to apply
Evaluate Decision Tree and Random Forest techniques
Introduction to Customer Segmentation using Clustering technique
Simplifying highly dimensional datasets for analysis using PCA
Text Mining / Sentiment Analysis / Topic Modelling Practice / Use Case Discussion
Introduction to Big Data and Analytics TensorFlow
Machine Learning with Azure ML Internet of Things and Time Series Analysis
Image analytics
Practice / Use Case Discussion Practice / Use Case Discussion
Advanced Classification Techniques – Neural Network and XGBoost
Data Exploration and Visualization with Python Matplotlib.
Visualization with Microsoft Power BI
Practice / Use Case Discussion