Automation with Cypress

Course Duration (Online): Total Duration: 30 hrs. 5 Days in a week. Each session will be for 60 minutes.

About Trainer:  Trainer has an experience of 12 years in working in the field of software testing, specially dealing with making frameworks and customized solutions for both functional and nonfunctional testing using open-source technologies.

Course Outline:


Cypress Overview

  • What is Cypress?
  • Cypress features
  • Installing and configuring Cypress

Cypress Quick Start

• Cypress Locators

• Cypress Commands

• Checkbox

• Dropdown

• Implicit Waits, Pause

• Handling Alerts

• Handling Child Tabs

• Handling Web Tables

• Assertion in Cypress

• Chaining Assertions

• Scroll up or Scroll Down

• Inheritance

• Create Environment variables

• Get Text from Web element

• Navigations

• Download Files

• Write/Read Data

• Using Cypress commands and hooks

• Creating custom Cypress commands

• Applying Alias

Advanced Cypress

• Integrate Cucumber with Cypress

• Create Feature File for Cucumber

• Create Step Definition for Cucumber

• Run Feature File

• Implement Page Object Model


• Generating reports-Mocha Awesome Reports

Course Completion Certificate will be issued with 90% attendance of the student