There are plenty of Agile Certifications in the market for Scrum Master Product Owner or Developer but one question in every one’s mind is which one to choose which is a million-dollar Question.

Many Organizations across the World are embracing Agile and the various frameworks of Agile. So just the Knowledge of Scrum is not sufficient. You need to understand the various Coding Practices which are prescribed in XP (eXtreme Programming) and visualize the workflow management using Kanban (A Lean Methodology) and a good knowledge of Agile Metrics. It is common across Organizations which are implementing ScrumBan which is hybrid version of Scrum and Kanban. DevOps and DevSecOps are changing the Agile Implementation with faster Time to Market.

When a person attends an interview for Scrum Master or Product Owner they get questions on various Agile Methodologies not limited to Scrum alone.

Here comes one Certification which addresses all the above needs. Certified Agile Manager (CAM) from Prozenics will be addressing the needs of current Job requirements in the Agile World.

Certified Agile Manager (CAM)® training and Certification course gives a detailed understanding of various Agile Frameworks (Scrum, XP, Kanban, Scrumban) and the application in the Enterprise and their benefits to End Customers.
It covers from Prioritization to Estimation of Agile Requirements in a case study driven approach.
Participants will be able to understand about the whole Agile Cycle and the outcome. Students learn about the various metrics and their usage in real time.
The end of the course assessment will test their knowledge on the frameworks and certify them as Certified Agile Manager (CAM)®

For more details about this CAM can be found here Certified Agile Manager — PROZENICS

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