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PROZENICS aims to provide quality and state of the art training and certification courses in PMP, Agile , Scrum and Soft Skill courses for individuals and organizations. Our business and technology courses will suit the needs of different individuals and organizations.

The courses are delivered through online self paced, Instructor led and virtual classroom. PROZENICS is an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of VMEdu. We provide Scrum Training and Certification through SCRUMstudy. We conduct Boot camps for PMP through PMStudy

Our customized training and consulting solutions will enrich learning and optimize individual, group and organizational performance. It is our ethos to provide the learner with highest quality training and service delivery, irrespective of background, skills or experience. We help the organizations to nurture their in-house talents through soft skills and technology training.


Our Mission is to create positive learning experience and to accompany and support individuals on their career path. Our Certification courses help them to empower in their respective fields.

PROZENICS firmly believe that knowledge leads to empowerment and empowerment leads to excellence!

We ensure that our courses are always be up to date, and delivered by qualified and experienced industry trainers to ensure the best possible learning experience.


• Enable: We enable individuals reach their highest potential by providing quality education and training and certifying them in their respective fields.

• Empower: We are committed to the continuous development of individuals in empowering their skills.

• Excellence: The will to win, the desire to succeed and the urge to reach your goal, Then We will open up the doors of excellence.


Provide leadership in assuring quality professional training and achieving excellence that leads to collective personal and organizational success.

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